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The entire process of starting a blog and making it go live will not take you more than 15 minutes after which your blog will be up and running and ready for you to start posting articles.

The 2 Things You Must Have to Start Blogging.


1. Select a Domain Name

If you already have a domain name, go over to Step 2.

Anywhere you type the domain name of this website (; you will be taken to this website.

Accurate blog names are unique and suggestive of what you blog is all about. Something else you can do is to register a domain name for your blog using your personal name. For example, names like If your name has been taken already, you can tweak it by adding your initial or middle name.

Many successful bloggers use their names as their blog’s domain name. The advantage in this is that someone else cannot use your name as their domain name.

After deciding on a blog name to use you will have to choose an extension for your domain name. The most common extension is .com; however .net and .org can also be used. I would advise against using extensions such as .us or .biz because they are unpopular.  how to create a blog

In some cases, you might realize that the domain name you’ve chosen for your blog may have been taken. This happens a lot. If you happen to experience this, you might want to add words such as “the”, “a” or “my” at the beginning of your chosen domain name or you can also add hyphens in between the words.



2. Look for a web host.

A web host will save all the files for your blog and deliver them to any visitor that types your domain name or click on an anchor text with your domain name embedded in it. For your blog to be on the internet you must have a host.

Choosing a wrong host for your blog will ruin your chances of becoming a successful blogger. Your site visitors will be disappointed with slow loading of your site and often times your site will not appear at all.

There are many web hosting sites for you to choose from, but I will recommend Blue Host for their awesome services and I would advise anyone who want to be successful with blogging or any other website to use their service.

Here are some reasons to use Blue Host.

  • They offer simple and free installation of all the tools required for blogging and this includes WordPress.
  • Blue Host has secured U.K & U.S servers for all their hosting plans to serve their customers. They also give uptime guarantees of 99.9% for all their hosting plans.
  • Customer support is very essential for newbie’s; any issue you have will be solved by Blue Host support team via live chat, email, phone calls etc.
  • They currently host more than 2 million websites and have been recommended by WordPress.
  • They offer a money-back guaranteed if for any reason you are not satisfied.

Hosting your website with BlueHost cost a little more than the price for other low quality and unreliable web hosts ($5.95/month) because Blue Host offers high-quality web hosting services. They also offer a discount.

What’s Next?

For a total step-by-step process of setting up your blog and registering your domain name, click on the next step. Feel free to contact me for free help if you have any difficulty during this process.

Click on the next step to lean a step-by-step method of getting a domain name and setting up your blog.

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