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Instagram has advanced a great deal from being just an ordinary photo sharing site to a very effective medium for generating online sales. Instagram is 15 times more engaging than face book, Google+ and Twitter.

Interestingly about 13% of users on the internet have Instagram accounts while more than half of over 100 top brands have noticeable presence on the site. Owners of small businesses should also take advantage of Instagram to promote their products and services.

People who have accounts on Instagram are always in need of followers. If they have used instagram for years, they will still be in need of followers. If they are new on Instagram, they will need followers also.

instagram followers

In real life, people will always have the need to be popular and it also reflects on their social networks. Instagram is not an exception and people who have lots of followers can make some money off their social networks.

If you just opened an account recently on Instagram, it might be quite intimidating at first, but try to take your time and have fun. Do not get upset if your followers are only those who are your friends in real life. You will get more followers as you post more often.

To be popular on Instagram and have more followers, you need to post more often. If you want to be more serious about it, have a posting schedule so your followers will know when you are going to upload a new image.
If you do not post for a while, your followers might delete you in order to follow somebody else. You real life friends may not do this to you, but your followers who follow you because they have similar interest might unfollow you.

When you first joined Instagram, you may not know about tags and how to use them. This is quite true for everyone so you are not alone on this. Even the most popular Instagram user probably did not have any tag on their first uploaded image.

However, you need to understand that you have to tag your pictures if you want more followers. If you don’t do this, only your existing followers will see your pictures. This happens because there is no tag on the image to make it searchable.

For instance if your image has the tag “noodles,” when other users search for “noodles”, your image will appear in the search results. When someone finds your image and the like it, they will add you to their friends list because they are interested in seeing more.

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