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It is always a new experience using new softwares. For years I have been using the advantage of email services to promote my products and it has been a worthwhile experience. While I was trying many email marketing tools I stumbled on GetResponse.

GetResponse is an opt-in autoresponder email marketing tool. It comes with free guides to help newbies understand and do email marketing.

GetResponse Email service

Features of GetResponse:

Many of the essential features which a professional Email Marketing tool should have is found in GetResponse. Here are some features of this autoresponder tool:

  • Webinar support
  • Schedule Emails
  • Mobile optimized
  • Import Contact
  • RSS to Email
  • Great Support
  • Analytic integration
  • Easy to customize Email newsletter
  • Predefined templates
  • Analytic Integration
  • Create Landing Pages
  • Email Statistics (Clicks & open)

These are some of the features offered by GetResponse. It offers a 30 day free trial without having to enter your credit card details. This is helpful for bloggers and online marketers who would want to test the waters before buying.

Sign up for a free account with GetResponse (No credit card required)


Here’s why you need an opt-in Email Marketing tool

It is better to use opt-in Email marketing rather than spam email marketing. For opt-in email marketing, subscribers give you the permission to send emails to them and they click on the links you add to the email. In this way, whatever email you send to them will be received with their permission. On the otherhand, Spam email marketing involves people using scrapers to fetch tons of email addresses and send promotional emails to them; most of the time these email land in the spam box of their email account.

GetResponse handles email marketing using their opt-in email features to ensure that your mails are delivered into the inbox of your subscribers. You will also be able to track the number of opened email and number of clicks from the statistics tab on your GetResponse dashboard.

Here are some of the benefits of Opt-in Email Marketing.

  • It increases conversion, sales and traffic via email
  • It helps you maintain your credibility
  • Reduced e-mail marketing cost
  • It helps in creating target email campaigns.
  • It will ensure your e-mail reach the inbox rather than spam box
  • It helps in creating a valuable and targeted email list.
  • Only interested subscribers opt-in to the list.

Here is how to sign up for GetResponse:

Create a Free Account here

Add Contact: This you can do by adding your contact on the Email contact list which you own, or you can use other services to import the contact list. Here are the support services you can use to import contacts in the image below:

contact import

  • You can also make use of your existing yahoo and Gmail account to import contacts who will receive an email notification containing a link which they will use to opt-in to confirm the subscription. If you want to start using GetResponse, ensure you inform your subscribers and readers through the old tool, social media networks and blog post.
  • Also you can create an email subscription form and add it to the sidebar or your blog or below each blog post to get more signups.
  • Send email newsletters to your list.
ultimate guide

GetResponse also allows for integration with Google analytics to enable you keep track of your newsletters. It has a large list of well designed and free to use email templates for your newsletters. They also have an advanced html email editor to enable you write professional looking newsletters in a short time even if you have no knowledge of coding.

Getresponse also has an Email inspector which displays how your emails will appear on different devices and browsers. This is particularly useful as the number of email clients and mobile browsers keep increasing; this will guarantee that your email newsletters maintain their design regardless of device or browser used in viewing them.

GetResponse team also look after their customers by sending them Email marketing advice and educating them about what they can do to increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaign.


GetResponse offers a 30-day totally FREE unlimited plan for their incredibly high quality service. At the end of the 30 day period you can pay for any of the other subscription plan. Below is the pricing chart for GetResponse. It increases as you get more subscribers.

getresponse pricing

The pricing is affordable when compared to its competitors. They also offer an Android and iOS app to help you manage your GetResponse account and email campaign straight from your mobile phone.

Building an email list should be a priority if you are serious about blogging or any other online business and you can choose from any email marketing service available. With all my years of experience I would recommend GetResponse; their awesome html email template creator and a 30 day free trial will give you a good reason to sign up for their service right away.


Sign up for a one month free GetResponse account (No credit card required).

If you are a user of GetResponse, kindly share your experience in the comment box below.

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