Which is more Profitable: Affiliate Marketing or AdSense?

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When we analyze affiliate marketing programs, one of the foremost questions that comes to mind is “Affiliate Marketing or AdSense.”

This question is quite puzzling, because if you are a professional blogger like me, you will take your recurring revenue very seriously, and you cannot lose out on the opportunity that affiliate marketing offers, because that is the part that produces the bulk of the money.

In this article, I will share some of the experiences I’ve had in this area and you can decide which one is best for you: Affiliate marketing or AdSense.

If affiliate marketing is new to you, you can read my article on affiliate marketing.

Let’s take a quick look at my strategy: I use affiliate marketing banners, AdSense banners and direct ads to generate income with my blog.

There is a popular misunderstanding that Google does not permit affiliate marketing, which is not true. Google allows you to maintain your affiliate link, but insists that you place them on a quality blog. If you publish low quality content and you place many affiliate links within that low quality content, no search engine bot will accept such a poor article.

Affiliate marketing or AdSense: What you need to Understand

  • Joining an affiliate network is easier than to have an approved Google AdSense account.
  • Affiliate marketing pays more than AdSense
  • Unlike AdSense, Most affiliates allow PayPal or Payoneer as a form of payment.
  • There are affiliate products that you can find for all niches, but AdSense is not allowed in some niches.
  • AdSense is managed solely by Google, while there are many large and small affiliates.
  • Affiliate ads have attractive appeal and attract more revenue than Google AdSense.

From the foregoing points, it is obvious that affiliate marketing is more beneficial and more profitable than AdSense.

However, before making your own decision, you need to know a few things about affiliate marketing:

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Affiliate marketing only works on some pages, so not every page of your blog will pay you with revenue. On the other hand, AdSense also works for pages that do not work for affiliate marketing. Adsense is a backbone for any online money blogger because it generates money for you daily, even if your daily payment is less than what you make in a single affiliate sale.

Depending on what product you promote, you can earn between 10 & 100 USD with an affiliate sale. In some situations, the revenue you will get from an affiliate sale will be greater than what you will do with AdSense in a week.

If you rely on Google AdSense and affiliate sales, it is recommended to work on a combination of Google AdSense clicks and affiliate sales, appropriately. With plenty of useful content, you will earn a lot of money on a monthly basis.

Ensure that the areas that attract the most click, such as side bars & above the fold, are covered by Google AdSense ads.

I suggest that you select these fields for affiliate placement:

  • 468 * 60 (below the post, below comments, above comments)
  • 125 * 125 (sidebar)
  • 728 * 90 (header, footer)

Always remember that the use of the maximum AdSense unit does not guarantee maximum performance. Actually, using 1 to 2 ad units mixed with links and search units will offer better results.

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Let me know your opinion. What do you prefer: affiliate banners, AdSense ads or both?

Use the comments section below to let us know if affiliate marketing or Google AdSense works best for you.

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