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Email subscription  is a popular term for most bloggers. It means opting to the email list of a website by typing in your email address in order to receive the most recent updates of a blog in your mailbox. Email marketing is a useful strategy to increase traffic to your blog and this is the main purpose of email campaigns. Bear in mind that an email marketing strategy like this one ensures that your blog keeps getting readers and it encourages you to keep blogging.

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Each time you get notified of someone subscribing to your blog, it keeps you motivated and happy. You will put in your best to ensure that that person does not rescind his decision to subscribe to your blog. This means you will have to keep writing useful content to satisfy that subscriber and other would-be subscribers.

Unfortunately, many bloggers and website owners are oblivious to this email marketing tip and they cannot maximize it to increase reader base and productivity.

Here are three reasons that will no doubt convince you to include email subscription as an email marketing service for your blog.

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1). Regular Traffic.

Steady traffic begins by first posting quality content frequently. If you do this often, you will attract regular traffic to your blog. Your email subscribers will visit your blog more often and this increases blog traffic for you. All you need do is continue posting regular articles  to ensure your subscribers receive emails almost on a daily basis to guarantee regular traffic which email subscription guarantees.

 2). Convenience for Readers.

As the number of email subscribers to your site increases, you have to ensure that your site is convenient for your blog readers to navigate. This is one good place for email subscription; whenever people subscribe to your email campaign, they do so for the quality content and user experience they get from your site. It will be disappointing if your blog readers visit your site in search of new content and they found none. For this reason you need an email subscription service to ease the burden of your readers as they will get new content from your site directly to their inbox and they will have to visit your site all the time.

3). Increased Reader Base.

Email subscription increases your reader base to a very large extent. A lot of internet users will prefer the easy way out (subscribing to your blog’s email list) to get updates about your site in their mailbox rather than visit your site every now and then to monitor updates. If you do not setup an email subscription service on your blog, you will most likely lose this large chunk of internet traffic and your reader base will definitely decrease.

This is a test and proven method that work for top bloggers. I will like to know your opinion concerning this topic by commenting in the box below.

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