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One area where I see many bloggers fail is in promoting their blog. There are lots of creative bloggers whose blogs are yet to be seen by a handful of people because they do not want promote their blogs or simply do not know how to promote a blog.

Promote my blog

One very important advice I give when it comes to blog promotions is to be bold about letting others know about your blog. Some bloggers do not think it is necessary to promote their blogs because they do not have enough post or they are not satisfied with their blog design and layout.

Do not allow these excuses hold you back. You need to tell others about your blog if you have spent ample time setting up your site with good content. Be confident and proud to show off the great work you have done.

How to promote your blog

Amazingly, the best methods of promoting your blog are free to use. Here are six effective methods you might want to consider.

  1. Social Media.

It is most likely that you have a face book account and twitter account as well. Whenever you make a post on your blog, make sure that have a link to that post on your social media account. This will connect your blog with persons who are interested in that post. Send friend request to top bloggers in your niche and make sure you follow them also on twitter and Instagram. You will be surprised at the number of individuals who will find your post interesting and will share your post with others.

  1. Online Forums.

Find popular forums related to your niche on the internet and join them. If you have a blog and you blog about cooking methods, look for popular forums related to cooking and join. Many forums will allow you add a link to your site in the signature which will appear at the bottom of every post you make. On some forums you will be asked to make a few valuable posts to be able to do this.

After you join, make valuable contributions that will help other forum members. People will follow your link to visit your blog if they find your post helpful.

  1. Blog Commenting

You can make useful comments while adding a link to your blog on other people’s blog. If you make valuable comments on blogs related to your niche, you will be promoting your blog to persons who are interested in the topic you blog about. Do not abuse this method by spamming other blogs.

If you make irrelevant comments on blogs just because you want to promote your blog, you will only end up hurting your blog. Also poor and useless comments will be deleted by the blog owner. People will only visit your site if your content interest them and they would want to read more of your content.

  1. Links to other blogs

A good idea for writing a blog post is to write in response to an article posted on another blog. This might be a post you want to contribute to or a topic you do not agree with. Make sure that you add a link to the post which you are referring to. This creates a “trackback” on many blogs. What happens is that such a blog will automatically add your link to their blog. Any reader who reads the article on the other blog will see your link and may follow through to see your site.

  1. Guest Post

Another way to get the readers of other blogs to notice your blog is by writing a guest post. To do this you have to contact the owner of another blog you choose with an offer to write a post on their blog.

Not every blogger will allow for this. Do not hesitate when you find other blogs who will permit you. You must provide them with good content and a link to your own blog; you will get traffic in return. Again, if people find your post interesting, they will follow your link to see more of your amazing content.

  1. Post frequently

All of the methods listed above for promoting your blog are aimed at finding new and returning readers to your blog. This is usually the most difficult step in promoting your blog. You have to make sure that once a reader finds your blog, they return back for more.

Frequent posting is key to building and maintaining a large number of blog readers. You may have a great content, but if you do not post regularly with the right keywords, people will most likely forget about your blog. You have to strike a balance between high quality and high quantity. This is usually difficult for most bloggers to achieve as it is usually an upheaval task writing a valuable post once a day or weekly.

Read the previous steps in this tutorial again if you are finding it difficult to get ideas on blog topics to write on.

What’s Next?

You have learnt what you need to create a blog and get steady traffic to your blog. This is the goal for many bloggers; they want their voices to be heard and also have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully in a community of like-minded persons.

As your blog readers increase, you will begin to earn some revenue for your site if you choose to. Read the next and final step now to find out how to earn money from your blog.

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