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In a general sense, it is more profitable to sell direct ads or private ads than to subscribe to third party ads like BuySellAds. This actually depends on the niche of your website and what method you will use to attract advertisers.

Even if you have a high quality site or the best blog site and you are getting a reasonable amount of traffic, here’s a question for you: How do you buy things on the internet? Any time you find something that interest you and it has a “Buy” button, after doing a research about the product, you may end up buying it. The same thing happens when selling private ads or direct advertisement.

When your blog is visited by a potential advertiser, he may consider your blog appealing for his ads, but because there is little or no information, he may quit to other sites. Having a direct buy option will make a whole lot of difference. OIO publisher wordpress plug-in will help you directly sell your ads.

Potential advertisers will see the ad slots available and the price and if it appeals to them they will make a quick order. This plugin completely automates the ad slot buying and selling process and reduces your discomfort.

oio publisher

Benefits of having OIO publisher Plugin for WordPress:

OIO publisher has some unique advantages over other plugins for ad management:

  • Tracks clicks and impressions.
  • Backup ads
  • Total automation of ad subscription.
  • Free listing on the OIO publishers marketplace
  • Free lifetime support
  • Unlimited website options

I did some research on this plugin for a while but did not do a detailed study because BuySellAds have been great. I will be using this plugin instead of BuySellAds because I now know better.

BuySellAds is really an awesome place for advertisers and publishers, but the site is quite picky when it comes to niche. You cannot sell ad slots for particular niches. Using an automated system like OIO publisher to sell your ads will be a useful solution in this situation.

Here are a few screenshots to explain how advertisers can purchase ad slots with this plugin.

buy ads

buy ads

Before buying this plugin you need to ask yourself two questions.

  • How many times have you lost an advert opportunity because you delayed in responding to emails from potential buyers.
  • Does the idea of a totally automated process for selling ad slots sound lucrative?

If your response is affirmative, then this plugin is what you really need. OIO publisher is a premium plugin for WordPress that cost $47.

Learn more about the OIO plugin here.

Tell us how you manage direct advertisements and private ads. Do you make use of a plugin? Did you sign up for BuySellAds etc? Tell us about this in the comment box. Remember to create an advertisement page for your blog. As a guide, you can check out Scrupulousblog’s advertisement page.

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