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Retweeting is a way for users on twitter to repeat other people’s tweets. This means you are quoting the tweets of other people you are following and you share the tweets with your followers. When you followers or other twitter users retweet your tweets, they share your tweets with their followers thus causing more people to see your tweets.

Retweet seems like doing promotion for someone. When you retweet for somebody, you are attracting the person to notice you. He will appreciate you for doing him a favour of giving an endorsement to his post. Some users might browse through your tweet history or profile to find out more about you thereby promoting yourself indirectly.


People who only send out tweets in order to get attention without retweeting for others will end up making their followers unfollow them. However, when you retweet another person’s tweet, you will attract that person to become your follower.

When you have lots of retweets on your tweet, it means that you are popular and your tweets are valuable. Your followers will know that you are a real person and not a tweeting bot used to send out tweets. If they want to buy any product you recommend, they will feel more comfortable to do so because they know that you will respond to them if they face any difficulty. Twitter is a social media platform for you to interact with others and get to know them better. It you only tweet and you don’t get retweets you will definitely appear boring.

You can promote yourself or brand to more people on twitter with the help of retweets. You will also get more followers when you have more retweets to your tweets. Get your product or service across to lots of people today with retweets.

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Tweet This