11 Important Things to do After Building Your WordPress Blog

In continuation of our “Learn WordPress” series, in this article, we will teach you how to properly configure WordPress after a new installation. So far you have learned: The difference between and (self-hosted) How to buy a web and domain hosting for WordPress Blog How to install the WordPress blog on Bluehost hosting Vs. What Blog Platform Should I Use?

This article is part 1 of a series. Part 1: [YOU ARE HERE ] Part 2: How to buy a hosting plan for your WordPress blog Part 3: How to create a WordPress blog Part 4: After installing WordPress, what next? Part 5: How to install the WordPress plug-in Part 6: How to install the

Practical Steps to Install WordPress on Bluehost in 2021

Do you want to build a blog with WordPress? Here is a complete beginner tutorial that will assist you in building your blog. Look at the section at the bottom to learn how to use WordPress. All these information is FREE and do not hesitate to start building your blog right away. Part 1:

Form Builder For WordPress: 8 Best Free & Paid Plugins

The contact forms on your blogs can do a lot more than just letting your readers contact you. If you have built your contact form in a way that filters out meaningless contact messages, you will be saving a lot of time (Stay productive) & you will get those details from your blog readers that


In a general sense, it is more profitable to sell direct ads or private ads than to subscribe to third party ads like BuySellAds. This actually depends on the niche of your website and what method you will use to attract advertisers. Even if you have a high quality site or the best blog site

5 Key Ways to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog in 2019

Every blogger wants to make money online, from newbies to professional bloggers, but it is a tough task attracting advertisers to your blog. Even if your blog has a good alexa ranking, page rank or traffic, it is challenging to make advertisers bid for advert space on your blog. Particularly when there are tons of

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