Benefits of Having a Squeeze Page

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For online businesses, a properly setup sales page is known as a squeeze page. It is one of the well held secrets of all successful internet gurus.

The purpose of a functioning and well designed squeeze page is to collect the names and email addresses of potential prospects during their first visit to your site. When the visitors willingly give you their information, they are also granting you the permission to promote your products or services to them. You just have to upload the squeeze page to your website.


Now you can easily see the benefit here. You can easily market, products, ideas, etc and even take consumer polls at no cost to you. With a squeeze page you can increase sales and customer loyalty and you will be reaping the rewards almost immediately.

A well utilized squeeze page will quickly transform internet surfers and online visitors into loyal ready-to-buy members who would be looking forward to your next offer.

Here is an example of how your online business can experience massive sales by incorporating a squeeze page. Take a minute and multiply your monthly online visitors by 0.45 or 45%. Multiply the result by 12 and the result will tell you how many extra members and sales a properly set up and functioning landing page will bring to your website in the next 12 months.


This in fact does not include all the additional members which the squeeze page will bring to your site, as well as the compounding effects and incredible sales increase to your bank account.

Properly nurturing your list of subscribers to your squeeze page will lead to growth of your sales, membership and happy customers.

You squeeze page should have the following:

  • Your squeeze page should have a headline which identifies the benefits you offer. This will attract the visitor’s attention and this gives you a better chance of making them sign up.
  • Your squeeze page should not be too long. It would be better for all the information to be contained in one page to avoid scrolling up and down.
  • Personalize the squeeze page by including your photograph and personal information. This will build trust because your subscribers will know where to reach you.
  • Add enough information on your squeeze page for the customer to entrust their email address and any other information required in the opt-in box. Give them some gifts or freebies when they sign up if you can afford it.

Now you know what a squeeze page will do for your business. This page will enable you build trustworthy followers and massive members list on autopilot and with proper management of this list of loyal subscribers your bank account will swell with pride.

Remember you main gain is to convert your website visitors to buyers and repeat buyers.

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