Affiliate Products: How To Promote Them on Your Blog

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Here at Scrupulousblog, I continually share ways through which you can make money from your blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to do this. With affiliate marketing, you choose a product related to the niche of your blog, create awareness about the product, and you will get a referral commission anytime someone buys a product through your affiliate link. If you are new to affiliate marketing, here is an article that will give you all the information you need to begin with:

If you are already familiar with the information from the above listed articles, let’s look at some promotional tips for any affiliate program that you have signed up for.

There are other promotional networks like email marketing and PPC marketing, but in this article I will be sharing tips that I use on this blog that help me improve my affiliate revenue. At the end of this article, I will also share an error that most affiliate marketers commit. Keep reading

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 Tips to Promote Affiliate Products:

Blog for promoting publications:

Another way to promote affiliate products is by using affiliate links for your own blog. You should always write targeted posts while doing this. For example, if you are writing about selecting the best hosting for your WordPress blog, you can include a line at the end that says “I recommend this particular host for any WordPress blog:” (insert your affiliate link).

Reviews publication:

Nothing is as powerful as a killer publication about a product!

A review article introduces the product to the readers of your blog, and at the same time, your opinion will make them understand why they should buy it. Here are some things you should always bear in mind when writing a review publication for your affiliate product:

  • Your reviews must be honest. Most of the time, bloggers only focus on the nice features of a product and do not mention any disadvantages. An honest review should include both the merits and demerits of that product. Also remember to add product images and provide all the useful information you have to offer about the product.
  • Write your reviews in a personal tone, as people are looking for a personal recommendation in review articles.
  • Choose a product that you have either used or will probably use.
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How to Articles:

A well written article always works well for promoting affiliate products. If the product you are promoting is a technical one or if you need instructions, you can write a tutorial guide for the product. Here are some examples for a better understanding:

These tutorials are not only useful, they also help improve the ranking of your blog on search engines. Articles that begin with “How-to” always work very well on search engines.

Use banners on the sidebar.

When organic traffic is directed to your blog, ad banners work just fine. For me, a large part of the conversion comes from banners. Prominent banner positioning is a worthwhile task. One of the mistakes that many of us make regularly is to include too many banners, which will only end up confusing the reader. To avoid this problem, follow this general rule:

Do not place banner ads for similar products in your sidebar: banner ads work for recommended product. With several similar products, it will confuse your readers when deciding which product to buy. It is a good idea to place products related to a particular niche within that particular niche. For instance, for a blog post about WordPress tips, you can place a banner for: Plugins, Themes, Hosting, etc.

If you run a multi-niche blog, you should consider using the WP Advance Ads add-on to manage your ads. This add-on will help you show ads by category and geographic location. You can also run A/B tests from different banners.

Use coupon codes:

Believe it or not, saving money is usually the best marketing incentive. When a customer buys a product and sees a coupon box, he looks for “Product name + coupon” and with the resulting coupon code you will still get a good commission for the sale.

Remember that your aim as an affiliate marketer is not just to share the coupon, but for the customer to click on your affiliate link, otherwise the commission on the sale will not go to you. (The exception here is for certain affiliate programs, where coupons are considered sales).

You can also write a monthly blog posts for coupon codes. (Example: Web hosting coupon codes for April 2019), etc.

If you look at multiple coupon sites, they will always ask you to “Click to go to the merchant’s website”, “Click to see the coupon”, etc. The reason for this is dropping the cookie. Here is an image for reference:

Hostgator coupon codes

Use Featured Post:

Whether it’s a review post or a coupon code publication, your goal is to get more visitors to those publications. In addition to on-page SEO, you should give more visibility to this publication by placing it as a featured publication. There is a handy feature in WordPress that allows you to paste any blog post into your blog home page. Here you will know how you can do this:

stick this post to front page

In the “edit post” section, click “Visibility” and place a check mark next to “Paste this post on the main page”. I’ve tried this with a few pillar posts on this blog, and this really increased my readership.

Bonus suggestion: Link directly to the site instead of your review post. One of the biggest mistakes which most affiliates make is that they try to link the banners to the review post for each of them. This is incorrect because the landing page of a product is always optimized for more conversions and will obviously be better optimized than the review post which you have. Recently, I began to link directly to the product landing page, instead of my review post, and that caused my conversions to increase.

Here are some new ideas that still work in 2019:

  • Product giveaway
  • Mention of products in the epic post.
  • Create a course/ebook/article around the product.
  • Comparison publication
  • Create an alternative product post (Ex: Getresponse alternatives)
  • Create a post when the product adds a new feature
  • Write a post on why I changed from X product to Y
  • Create explainer videos the product.
  • Create a resource page
  • Create a list of publications and include the product.
  • Create product-specific coupon/offer

Let me know if you have other tips to follow on your blog to improve your own affiliate conversions.

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