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It’s easy to do freelance jobs when you have lots of jobs to deliver. One drawback with freelance jobs is that the jobs do not come regularly. You might get lots of article writing jobs. Sometimes you will get lots of jobs in a month and at other times you may not get any job at all to do. It is advisable not to have one source of freelance jobs in case that source runs dry and you will be losing a large amount. Here is a list of freelance writing websites that will continue to give you freelance work or outsource freelance work.

You will always have need for more freelance writing jobs whether you are already a freelancer or a newbie. Below are 7 websites you can use to begin your journey as a freelance content writer or outsource your freelance writing jobs.

One these websites you will find people who will pay for your articles. Examine them one after the other and choice which of them will satisfy you the most. Let me know your decision on that.

To become successful as a freelance content writer, I’ll suggest you reading the following topics:

  • How to get hired for blogging jobs
  • Tips for improving client relationship for freelancers.



Content Mart

This website is great for outsourcing writing jobs and doing writing jobs from home. If you want to bid on jobs, first you have to register to learn more and bid. ContentMart is a platform designed to bring clients and freelancers together.

Sign up for ContentMart.



Freelancer is another websites that offer over 150 different categories of jobs for clients and freelancers including copywriters, graphics designers, programmers, data entry, etc. With Freelancer, you can find a client; it is a good place for ghost writers to begin by getting lots of writing jobs of up to 500+ words per article.

Sign up for Freelancer.



Upwork is another place where freelancers and clients can have their needs met. It is a freelance job board that provides lots of jobs that can be done online.

The amount of jobs available here will keep freelancers busy and will compensate for the price earned per job.

LinkedIn Pro-finder:

LinkedIn Pro-Finder

This is a new service that takes advantage of the LinkedIn network to enable small businesses and individuals locate freelance professionals to do handle project-based job in many areas such as blogging, content strategy, copywriting, technical writing, editing, ghostwriting and translation. As an independent professional, you can apply to become a professional on this platform.


Squidoo has an awesome community that helps people who do not own a website or blog to begin writing and making money on the internet. The interface allows users to create “lenses” on any subject which they want. It is another great platform for freelancers to earn passive income from writing.


Craigslist is one of the easiest places to find freelance writing jobs; although sometimes it is greatly overlooked. Craigslist is primarily designed connect professionals within a particular geographical area. However, you can also link up with people outside your domain. Thousands of individuals and companies post jobs for writing, programming, designs etc.


constant content

This is one of the foremost marketplaces for article writing and serious freelancers to make money and for business owners to get their writing jobs done. Constant-Content is so professional that writers can charge more for their articles (up to $90+ per article).

The website ensures that only the best freelancer writers are accepted. The demand for writing and large marketplace makes Constant-Content on of the best freelance sites. 

Sign up for Constant-Content

Summary and Suggestion

In this post I have shown you 7 different websites to find freelance writers and freelance jobs. I will advice that you begin with one and gradually expand into the others to get experience and confidence when promoting your skill.

Ensure you have a complete profile and also add your portfolio to make you look professional.

Click on this link to outsource your writing job.

Are there any other freelance sites you know about? Kindly share them in the comment box below.

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