5 Key Ways to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog in 2019

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Every blogger wants to make money online, from newbies to professional bloggers, but it is a tough task attracting advertisers to your blog. Even if your blog has a good alexa ranking, page rank or traffic, it is challenging to make advertisers bid for advert space on your blog.

Particularly when there are tons of sites in any niche, an advertiser can use a network such as BuySellads, Googe Adwords, to locate websites where they can advertise cheaply.

Advertisers particularly run after blogs which have a huge reader base, authority, huge social media following, and they are a brand. If your blog has all of these, then soon enough advertisers will come knocking.

Here are a few tips to help you draw the attention of advertisers to your blog.

  1. Display only relevant ads.

Displaying only relevant ads on your blog is the most vital point. If you run a tech niche blog for instance, your ads must be relevant to technology; it may either be software or gadgets. It will be inappropriate to display sports or nutrition ads on a technology blog. One good reason why Ad Sense is very popular amongst bloggers is because it displays relevant ads: this is vital for good CTR.

  1. Specific Niche

Advertisers always love to patronize blogs with a targeted niche, this enables them reach the right audience. You have to update your blog regulary and write high-quality articles to be able to attract advertisers to your blog. This is also a major benefit of having a niche blog as opposed to a multiple niche blog.

  1. Professional Blogs

Advertisers are usually attracted to a professional layout of a blog. Endeavour to choose a professional them for your blog. Themes with gray, blue or white combination gives a professional look to your blog, although you can play with colours depending on your niche. Adding visible ad spot will also help a great deal to attract advertisers.

4.Advertise Page

On your blog, there should be a page which gives information about:

  • Your blog niche
  • Updated status of your blog such as Traffic, Alexa rank, PR.
  • Advertisement rate
  • Payment mode

Also include a “contact us” page for interested advertisers to easily get in contact with you with just one click.

  1. Banner:

It is imperative that you have a “place advert here” banner on your blog. These can be placed either on the top bar or on the side bar. Set an advert rate for all the banners depending on demography and impression. You can request for more revenue or adverts placed above the fold and less for adverts below the fold. A reasonable idea is to display and ad which says “place your ad here”, link it to your advertisement page. To automate this use a plugin such as OIO publisher plugin for wordpress.

In summary, getting advertisers directly on your blog is more lucrative financially. It might seem difficult at first, but if you put up all the necessary things in place such as ad slots, advertisement page and attract media buyers to your blog, you will most likely earn far more than what other bloggers earn from Ad sense and other ad networks.

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