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In this post, I will be explaining one of the profitable ways of making money on the internet. This will benefit those who want to learn how to make money online. If you know how to make money on the internet, it will liberate you from financial difficulties and problems people face in the conventional ways of making money.

One business opportunity I would recommend is MMM, it is an acronym for Mavrodi Mondial Movement. I will be showing you how it works and what you need to get started.

MMM is a community set up for members to give financial help to other members. In the community, willing donors are matched with people who requested for financial assistance and the money they provide grows with a 1% daily interest rate. At the end of 30 days, the willing donors get back their money including the 30% accrued interest; it is that easy!

You do not have to do any work, you will be earning passive income each month.

MMM is not a get rich scheme and you do not need to get others to sign up to make money from it. 


There are certain terminologies that frequently used in the MMM community which includes the following:

  • PH – Provide Help. This means the give financial assistance to someone else in the community
  • GH – Get Help. This means to request for help (Your principal + interest) from the community after 14 to 30 days.
  • PO – Personal office. This is the account you will have access to on the MMM Website
  • Guider – These are people who have been assigned to provide technical assistance to members of the MMM community.
  • Mavro – This is the unit of measurement of your accrued interest.


MMM network acts as a platform for connecting those who want to provide help (PH) with those who want to get help (GH).  If you what to provide a help of say 20,000 Naira, within a few days MMM will match you with someone who needs help of 20,000. You will pay the money into the person’s back account and upload a proof of payment in your office on the MMM website Your money will start growing by 1% each day right from the day you indicated your desire to PH on the website. At the end of 30 days you will have an interest of 30% which is 6,000 Naira, they you can GH for 26,000 Naira. You can also GH any time between 14 and 30 days if you do not want to wait for the complete 30 days, but your interest will be reduced.

MMM does not have a bank account where members pay money to, rather members pay money to each other’s account.


The least amount of money you can use to PH is Two thousand Naira (N2000) and the Maximum is 3.2 million Naira. There are bonuses $20, $50 and $100 given to new members of the MMM communityTo enjoy these bonuses, you need to start with at least N20,000 to receive the bonus of $20 which is about N7,000 when converted to naira or 200,000 to receive the $50 bonus and at least N400,000 to receive the bonus of $100.


MMM is currently running in over 100 countries and it is gaining more popularity with each passing day; currently there are thousands of members in the MMM community in Nigeria alone. On the MMM Website, there are video testimonials and comments (letter of happiness) posted by members of the community who provided help and have received help; here are some of the comments below:

My name is Akinwande Bosede a guider of mmm nigeria in Lokoja kogi state, i provided help of N26,000 and i got help of N40,750 on the 1st september 2016,thank MMM. 

Hello, I’m Bernardino from Lagos Nigeria, I’m a MMM participant.i provided help of 2,000,000 naira on the 1st of September and I later got help of 2,909,000 naira on the 6th of September. I’m very glad. MMm has made to start achieving my dreams.. I’m so glad. Big thanks to Sir Sergey marvrodi. This is a life changing platform. I’m feeling so blessed right. Together we change the world. 

Peter opara is my name a participant of mmm stays in Aba Abia state,on 9th of August I provided help of 2,200,000 naria  and on the 8th of sept I was given help of 2,860,000 naira , wow  mmm works. 

My name is Okwudili a participant in mmm, I reside in porthacourt,on 12/08/16 I provided help of 2,000,000.00,and on 13/09/16 I got help of 2,701,000.00 within 72 hours,a very big thanks to Sergei Mavrodi,and my fellow participants with this we can change the world….. Thanks. 

My name is Taiwo Omodele. I am an ordinary MMM participant living in Abuja. On the 10th of August I PH of N2,000,000. A month after On the 8th of September, I requested to GH of N2,616,000 which was paid into my account in a few days. I am amazed at the way MMM works. It truly pays. Thank you Sergie Mavrodi. MMM rocks!! 

My name is Blessing, a participant of MMM and reside at Lagos. I provided help of 750,000 naira two times on the 4th of August and Phed 200,000 Naira on the 6th August again. I requested for an help of 2,304,000 naira on the 8th of September 2016 and all has been fully paid into my account. MMM Pays for real. together we shall change the world. 


In the MMM community you can provide help with as little as Two thousand Naira (N2,OOO) and a maximum of Three Milllion Naira (N3,000,000).  No matter the country you are from you can PH in your local currency. 


I will like to congratulate you for taking this step that will change your financial status forever. You will be earning returns on your PH amount without doing any work. You will be adding another stream of income for yourself.

I will be showing you how to start making money with MMM, how to PH, GH and other ways of profiting from MMM.

Firstly,  CLICK HERE TO Visit the MMM WEBSITE and click on Registration as seen in the image below:

home page

Next, you will be shown a registration page to enter your details.

  • Name: You can enter your name or nickname
  • E-mail: enter a valid email address.
  • Mobile Phone number:  Type in your phone number beginning with +234
  • Password: Type in a password here
  • Confirm Password:  Here retype the same password again
  • Invite: If this field is empty, type engrbright69@gmail.com.
  • Guider’s email: you can leave that empty
  • Guider’s phone number: you can also leave that empty.
  • How did you learn about us: Select from friends
  • Picture code: Type in here the code you see in the picture below
  • Check the box for “warning” and click on “Register in MMM”.


Next, you need to confirm your email address and phone number.

To do this:

  • Log in to your personal office (PO)
  • On the menu bar at the top, click on “My Page” and you will see your phone number and email address.
  • Next to your email address, click on “unconfirm/confirm”. A confirmation code will be sent to your email address, check your email box to see this code.
  • Type in the code in the box next to your email address and click on okay.
  • If your email address changes to green, this means that you have confirmed your email address, otherwise repeat the process again until this happens.
  • Next to your phone number, Click on “confirm” to confirm it.

Next, you will have to add your bank account details where the money will be sent to you.

In your personal office, click on “Account”, click add and type in your details as shown below.

Bank details

As soon as you do this, your account will be displayed as shown below.

new account


At the top right corner of your screen click on “dashboard”, click on the green button which says “provide help” then follow the images below or watch the video below for direction.








Once you are through with the process, you will wait for the system to match you with people requesting for help; this could take from 1 to 21 one days so you will have to log in each day to see if you have been matched with someone, you may also receive an email to that effect. You will be given a maximum of 48 hours (which you can extend by 24 hours if need be) to transfer the money to that person’s account and upload the proof of payment (Teller or bank statement) either by taking a photograph of it with your phone or use a scanner or your MMM account will be blocked.

Like I mentioned earlier, your interest of 1% daily will start counting right from the day you clicked on “Provide Help” and it will be credited to your mavro every Tuesdays and Thursdays. On the menu, click on “Mavro” to see your mavro growth.


Always visit your personal office at least once a day to see if you have been matched, this will not take more than 2 minutes, you may also receive an email when you are matched. You have 48 hours to make the payment, you can extend it by 24 hours if necessary. Some time you might be asked to pay more than one person; if this happens, there is no problem at all. Follow the images below or watch the video to see what to do when you have been matched to pay someone.

Provide help

Pay the money to the bank account of the person or persons.

After you make the payment, login to your MMM account and click on “I content to make payment” and I have completed payment. Upload your proof of payment, you can either use your phone to make a snapshot or scan it . See the images below for direction or watch the video below.

provide help2

confirm provide help

confirm provide help

confirm provide help

confirm provide help4

confirm provide help5

Once you have confirmed your payment and the receiver does the same, you can request for help (withdraw) when your mavro turns from red to green.

If you received a bonus as a first time participant and you try to get help before your bonus is ready for withdrawal, you will lose that bonus. The bonus of $20 is frozen for 2 weeks while the bonus of $50 and $100 is frozen for 30 days.


CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are about to make your first withdrawal from the MMM community

Follow the instructions on the pictures below or watch the video below.

get help

After you have done that, the system will match you with a person or persons who has indicated to PH. One good thing about the MMM community is that there are more persons who what to provide help(PH) than those who want get help (GH) this means that you will be matched much quickly ( at most 48 hours). As soon as you have received payment to your bank account, make sure you go back to your personal office to confirm it within 48 hours and write a letter of happiness or your MMM account will be blocked.


Apart from the 30% returns on your PH amount in 30 days, you can also earn in the following ways.


When you invite others to MMM and they register via your referral link, you will receive 10% of the amount PH by your referral.  You will find your referral link in your personal office by clicking on My Pages –> Referrer –> “show my referral link” copy it and send to people to register through you. For instance, if a person you referred provided a help of N200,000, you will get 20,000 mavros which you can withdraw.

Once you confirm that you have received payment, you are obligated to write a “letter of happiness” like the sample I provided above.


You may attach a video testimonial like the videos above after confirming receipt of money paid to your account. This will earn you between 1% and 10% of the received amount depending on the type and quality of video you created.
Now you know about this quality information that has improved the financial lives of millions and will continue to do so. Do not listen to those who tell you it is a scam, do not believe them, people are making money from it everyday and you will surely do the same.


If you have any questions to ask or contributions, please use the comment box below or send an email to admin@scrupulousblog.com or Whatsapp: +2348032544301


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